Gatehouses are the very first access point into many industrial areas, residential areas and business parks which is why it’s vital you keep this area manned with only the best security possible. Here at Churchill Security we provide an unrivalled level of protection when it comes to guarding your first port of call. Not only will our unbeatable gatehouse security guards protect you against intruders but they’ll also provide that visual assurance you need to greet any welcome visitors too. At Churchill Security we understand that every client requires a varying degree of security which is why we offer the following services amongst many, all of which can be tailored to suit your individual gatehouse security needs:

  • Regular foot and mobile perimeter patrols
  • Thorough reporting of suspicious incidents
  • Appropriately and smartly uniformed guards
  • Control and monitor the movement of vehicles, personnel and visitors to your site
  • Carry out vehicle and personnel searches
  • Maintain log books and registers