Concierge security guards do not just work at securing a building. They also take it upon themselves to maintain a welcoming and pleasant disposition. They sign for packages, greet visitors, direct guests and assist residents whenever possible. Concierge security guards specialize in simplifying the difficult task of managing the flow of people in and out of high-rises. They perform all of these tasks with the skill and knowledge needed to succeed.

One of the main security risks in a large condominium or apartment building comes from the fact that a large number of residents and guests move throughout the building at all times. Without a concierge security guard, this movement and increased people traffic could make it possible for a criminal to sneak onto the property.

Sriven Protection Services Concierge security teams understand the inherent difficulties in assessing who lives in the building, who is an invited guest, who is simply making a delivery and who is a potential intruder. A trained security guard is able to properly control access to the building by learning who is supposed to be there and who is not. Placing a security guard at the entrance of an apartment building ensures that only residents and guests of residents can gain access to the property. More importantly, the presence of a security guard acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.