Sriven Protection Services key runner services to your construction sites across Ontario.If you’re looking for reliable a key runner service that will be there when you need it, then Sriven Security is your choice.We keep copies of your keys secured under lock and key. When you call, we promptly respond and open the door for the trades, note down the unit number and the trade details.when and where you want. We will properly verify their identity, have them sign in, and let them in to the facility. When their work is done we perform a routine inspection and lock the unit. A trusted key runner service is an excellent way to free up more of your precious time. All of our security officers are highly trained and professional. They are experienced at dealing with security situations and equipped with state of the art security knacks.


A traffic guard, traffic controller, flagman, or flagger is a person who directs traffic through a construction site or other temporary traffic control zone past an area using gestures, 

signs or flags. The person directing traffic is responsible for maintaining the safety and efficiency of traffic, as well as the safety of road workers, while allowing construction, accident recovery or other tasks to proceed. Traffic guards are commonly used to control traffic when two way roads are reduced to one lane, and traffic must alternate in direction. Their duties are to direct traffic to safer areas where construction, accidents, and severe traffic are taking place. In addition they have to moderate the traffic density to not cause traffic jams. They guide motorists to follow the traffic laws; but may not be able to enforce the law. Most traffic guards are seen as construction workers; but in some nations, they dress or perform as security guards and police officers.


Access control is a means of granting or restricting access to those users or employees who are authorized to have access to your premises. In simplest terms, it consists of computerized controllers and electronic locks. But instead of providing your users or staff with keys, they are provided with “credentials” which are usually cards or tokens that take the place of a key.

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