Let us provide security to your office facilities. Have uniform or plain clothed staff monitor your office areas to tackle your everyday needs. Your warehouses or manufacturing plants may hold a tremendous of capital for your business organizationand you need to have and maintain accurate and diligent security services to ensure that capital investment is preserved. Have SRIVEN Security work with your organization to create and implement a routine today.

 Prime areas for criminal activity are those sites that are relatively empty, have low volumes of traffic flow, and are rather secluded. Many small commercial sites andindustrial parks fit this profile; they are therefore at an increased risk of being targets of vandalism, theft, and other illegal activity.

 However industrial settings pose their own specific security risks. These include such things as emergencies with hazardous materials, access control, flooding, personal injury and monitoring mechanical equipment to prevent malfunction resulting in fire.

SRIVEN On Guard, we select guards according to the work environment and criteria stated by our clients. Each guard is fully certified in WHIMIS and CPR/First Aid. Additionally, as a prerequisite to site assignment, guards are given training on the site.