Mall security is especially important during busier time periods, such as back to school time, the holiday shopping rush and other such times. In these situations stores can become overwhelmed with customers and that makes it incredibly difficult for sales staff to function correctly. This can unfortunately leave store merchandise compromised. When store and mall staff are too busy to keep a watchful eye on inventory, it can be an invitation for criminals. Shoplifters use this opportunity to blend in with the crowd and commit crimes without being spotted.


Let us provide security to your office facilities. Have uniform or plain clothed staff monitor your office areas to tackle your everyday needs. Your warehouses or manufacturing plants may hold a tremendous of capital for your business organization and you need to have and maintain accurate and diligent security services to ensure that capital investment is preserved. Have SRIVEN Security work with your organization to create and implement a routine today.


Having a special event? In need of close protection? Have SRIVEN Security provide you with the support you need to host that important personal event or a corporate business event. Our team will make your requests happen. Just let us know what they are!

Whether you are holding a concert, a dance or a wedding, event security is an issue that you will have to address. Our team of security guards offer the very best in trained, efficient and professional event security. Whenever there are large groups of people getting together it is a good idea to hire security to maintain order and protect guests and valuables. Many event venues require the booking of event security in coordination with the booking of the event space. If you are planning on holding a special event let us help draw up your security plan.Custom Event Security Needs


  • Access and perimeter control - indoor and outdoor
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Construction Sites
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Commercial Entities
  • Emergency first aid
  • Fire watch 24/7
  • Gatehouse security
  • High visibility deterrents (uniformed guards, signage)
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Sites
  • Loss prevention protocol enforcement

  • Malls/Plazas
  • Manufacturing/ Facility PlantsMobile patrol
  • Monitoring - on-site and remote 24/7
  • Security guards general purpose
  • Site inspection
  • Residential Complexes
  • Retail Venues
  • Parking Lots
  • Truck Yards
  • Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) and recommendations
  • Traffic control
  • Visitor safety protocol enforcement